One Man Defeats 1,000 Warriors Using A Donkey’s Jawbone

There was a guy named Samson and he was strengthened by God. He had the ability to beat down thousands of people. He could pick up an iron gate and keep it moving. He fought a lion and snapped its jaws apart with his bare hands. I mean this guy Samson was a fighter.

And he was a fighter because God had chosen him to be such. His mission before he was born was to disrupt the Philistines who were running the Israelites for 40 years.

So during his lifetime, this happened.

Samson went to take his wife a gift and be with his wife. When he went to see her, her dad was like, nah. I ain’t think you were feelin’ her so I gave her away to one of your boys. But it’s cool. Why don’t you just get her younger sister. She’s prettier than the wife you married anyway.

So Samson is like, you have got to be kidding me! And he’s like, I tell you what. Ya’ll Philistines are gonna be sorry. So Samson goes and finds 300 foxes and ties their tails together in twos. He then lights up their tails and lets them run through the fields of the Philistines.

Now you know the Philistines were tight cause he done lit up their grain. The grapevines and the olive trees are gone too! Samson done burnt it all down and kept it moving.

So the Philistines were like, what happened?! And then they learned ‘oh Samson did this because’ his father-in-law was trippin’. So the Philistines went and burned alive the father-in-law and the wife.

Well that escalated Samson and he started fighting against the Philistines. After he got done with that he went to live in a cave.

The Philistines are like, we gotta find this guy. We gotta get rid of him. They then went down to the camp of Judah (part of the Israelites) and started tearing up the place down there. The Philistines told the people down at Judah that they’ve come to get Samson.

So the people down at Judah went to go get Samson cause they was like, yo! The Philistines are trippin’. They trying to kill us. We gotta take you in.

Samson was like, aight look. I’ll go with you, just don’t kill me.

The Judah people were like, no! We gon’ tie you up and take you to them.

So when Samson was being taken to the Philistines, the Spirit of God came up on him. That’s how he was strong. And he bust up out the ties, found a donkey’s jawbone and beat down 1000 Philistines.

To learn more, check out Judges 15:16-17