Greatest Superhero Of All Time Is Real

Well, here’s what happened. In a previous article, Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the forbidden tree. They were instructed to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and were tricked into disobeying God. The enemy, Satan, tricked Adam and Eve into disobedience.

When God went to rebuke Satan, He let Satan know that the woman’s offspring would defeat him.

This is actually why back in the day, women in the Bible were so into bearing male children because they knew the prophecy of a man destroying Satan and his evil works. And these women would have wanted the honor of birthing the Savior.

So here we go. 

We have the good guy: Jesus Who is scheduled to save the world. Literally, save the world.

And we have the bad guy: Satan who wants to destroy mankind.

Now, in story, there is what is called the protagonist aka the hero and the antagonist. The protagonist is who the story is about.

Pick any movie! Any movie, or any play, or any opera or any narrative book and you’ll find that there is a protagonist (at least one) who carries the story; who the audience follows, or watches or reads about to find out what happens.

The protagonist is who the story is about. And the antagonist is who or sometimes what (and can be a combination of who and what) is stopping or trying to stop the protagonist from reaching their desired goal.

For both the protagonist and the antagonist, they both have a reason why they are doing what they’re doing. The protagonist has their reason why they want to ___________(fill in the blank). And the antagonist has their reason why they want to stop the protagonist from __________________(fill in the blank).

The Bible’s protagonist is God and He wants to save everybody from death, as in eternal damnation due to the destruction that was caused during that forbidden meal back in the garden of Eden.

The antagonist in the Bible is Satan and he wants for everyone to die. One of the reasons why is because he knows that God loves mankind, and created a place for mankind with Him. And Satan has no place in the eternal presence of God in heaven.

Another thing to note is that the Bible includes you, me, our families, our peers, our loved ones, our enemies, our ancestors and our futures. We are in the Bible.

So Jesus is prophesied to come and save people from death. All the while, death is now a concept on the planet. For you see, death was not a problem before when things were calm, cool and collected in the garden of Eden. But when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, sin got into the DNA of every person. Sin, at its root, is disobedience to the Word of God. And so sin, and having the ability and desire to sin, got into the flesh of every person; into the DNA of every person. And sin when it is fully developed concludes in death, as in eternal damnation.

And God did not create mankind to be damned. He created us to live!

So God saw that humans had a lethal problem (sin) and humans had an enemy that liked to progress that lethal problem so that humans could also be away from God eternally (as Satan is), which was not the initial plan.

So God was like, yeah I’m a squash this and send Jesus to save the world.

Now, Jesus Christ (the Son of God) was prophesied to come at some point. Here’s the thing, Jesus didn’t come to earth til the New Testament. That’s a looooooong time  beyond that forbidden meal. 

So you may be asking well how were people who believed in God atoned from sin if Jesus was supposed to be the One to save everybody from sin?

Well what happened was, back in the day, believers would sacrifice animals to make an atonement. Then there were priests who were called to do such and pray for the people to have their sins forgiven by God. But the thing is that priests are still people. There are no perfect people.

Then also God gave the people 10 Commandments, but we humans were still having trouble keeping them; keeping the law because sin is just in all people. We are all sinners. Those who believe in Jesus Christ are sinners saved by grace.

So this sin thing was a problem. It still is but there’s a greater way to overcome it now and that’s through Jesus.

Fast forward. Prophets are talking about Jesus coming. In the book of Isaiah (in the Bible) the prophet Isaiah talks about how His name will be called Wonderful. He will also be called The Prince of Peace. He’s mighty! So, Jesus is prophesied to show up. And we know that He’s going to preach the Good News and save people from their sins.

So it’s like the world was getting pumped and ready for the arrival of our Savior because without Him, sin was leading people to hell. Not good.

Now before Jesus came to earth; lived, died, rose again and left. Before Christ’s arrival, when people died, they either went to Abraham’s bosom or hell. Jesus talks about this and you can read about that in a previous article.

But after Jesus came and handled His business on earth, heaven became the “new Abraham’s bosom”. It became the resting place for believers after their time on earth. Hell kept on being what it was though. That didn’t change.

So when the New Testament happens, we meet some people who precede the coming of Christ. Mary is chosen by God to carry Jesus to term on earth. Joseph, Mary’s fiance was like, uh! I don’t know.

But thank God, Joseph got on one accord with the plan. And Mary and Joseph became Jesus’ earthly parents. 

Someone else to note is John the Baptist who was prophesied about, that he would be a forerunner for Christ.

So when Jesus was born, it wasn’t easy times. There was a hit out on his life. The king at that time (Herod) had heard that a new Governor was born and wanted to kill Him. Thankfully, an angel talked to Joseph and told him where to hide his family which would be down in Egypt. They hid out down there until Herod died and then the angel was like, ya’ll can go back home.

You’ve also probably heard the story that when Jesus was born, He was born in a manger. I mean He didn’t have the gold star treatment coming into the world. However, the 3 wise men did recognize and come worship Him which was pretty cool.

So Jesus comes into the world and it was already hard times for Him. As He grew up, people were astonished by the wisdom that He spoke with to teachers beyond His age. But as He grew up and began His ministry, there were people who didn’t like Him. There were people who didn’t believe in Him. There were people who were skeptical of Him. But Christ kept on teaching, healing, delivering and saving people.

And as He kept on doing what He was sent to do, Jesus has a conversation with a man named Nicodemus. And Nicodemus wanted to learn more about being saved. The Scripture mentions being born again.

In conversation with Nicodemus, Jesus brings up something very important that carries weight with why He dealt with so much backlash from people; skepticism from people. Jesus talks about how people are drawn to darkness rather than light. He explains how evil is found in darkness and people would rather hang out there, than go to the light because the light illuminates their sin.

Remember back in the garden of Eden, when after Adam and Eve ate of the fruit; when they sinned, they hid from God. In the beginning, God separated light from darkness. And in the book of John, it is written that God is the true Light, The Light. But Jesus says that people would rather hide away from the light. Why? Because their sins would be exposed.

Adam and Eve, when they sinned, they exemplified what’s been going on ever since. They hid from the Light. So too, it is in people to hide from the Light to gravitate away from God because of what happened way back in the beginning.

But Jesus finishes up His conversation with telling Nicodemus that those who live after Jesus; as in do what He says to do; as in obey the Word of God. They come to the light. They come to the Light and are saved. God wanted people to be with Him anyway. That was shown back in the garden of Eden but sin created a drawback in humans.

So that was the big problem. Jesus was doing His thing, helping people but many felt more comfortable in the darkness. Many felt more comfortable doing their own thing, following tradition or doing both.

Jesus came and showed people a better way to live and many weren’t trying to hear that, so much so that they wanted to kill Him. Now that actually wasn’t a surprise. Jesus knew that He’d be crucified. He actually talked about it before it happened. Jesus talked about a lot of things before it happened (or still is to happen) and many ain’t pay Him no mind.

Moving forward, many got mad that Jesus was converting people to be His followers. There were other religions or customs or traditions to follow that made more sense. And to each their own. 

But Jesus told the people that for 3 days and 3 nights, He would be in the heart of the earth. They didn’t understand that then, but Jesus was prophesying that He would be going to hell.

So let’s talk about that.

You might’ve heard people say “Oh! Jesus came and died for our sins.” That is true. But it was more than just dying. A sinner’s death results in hell. Jesus came to save us from our sins because He doesn’t want anybody going to hell.

Jesus came to earth and when He died, He died a sinner’s death. As in He went to hell for all sinners! So that no sinner ever has to go there. He made that trip for everybody! It’s a free gift. Salvation is a free gift from God. He died so that you could live.

So they crucified Jesus; they killed Him on that cross but He rose up out of that tomb showing that God is all powerful. Death can’t keep Him down and if you believe in Him, sin can’t keep you down either.

John the Baptist had announced at the top of Christ’s ministry on earth that Jesus is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world. And John wasn’t playin!

Who do you know can go to hell for 3 days and 3 nights and come back? By themself?

So Christ came to save everybody but only those who believe the Gospel will be saved. Why? Because of faith. And Ima tell you about this and get up outta here.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Impossible! It can’t be done. Faith overcomes doubt which was what Satan threw at Eve in the garden of Eden. Satan threw out the weapon of doubt to cause Eve to doubt the Word of God; to disbelieve the Gospel; to disbelieve the truth.

The truth is that God is. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. And there is no way to the Father (Who’s in heaven) except by Jesus.

The only way to the Father; the only way to heaven is through belief in Jesus Christ. You gotta have faith, that means not doubting the Word of God – Who is Jesus (written about earlier in this article). Faith is knowing without seeing the evidence.

Jesus, the evidence of God. But Christ talks about this too. He talks about how blessed we are to believe when we ain’t seen Him yet.

There is only one God Who was there at the beginning, Who is here now and Who will always be. He loves you. If He didn’t, Jesus would’ve never came to earth.

To learn more, check out John 3:16