Man Speaks After Months Of Being Mute

There was a man, back in the day, named Zechariah and Zechariah was a priest. His wife, Elizabeth, also came through the line of priests as well. They did as the Lord told them to do. They were also childless and very old.

One day, Zechariah was in the temple serving and God’s angel appeared to him. Now when the angel showed up, Zechariah was afraid but the angel was like, be cool. It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. And the angel begins to tell Zechariah some really great news.

The angel tells Zechariah that he and Elizabeth are going to have a son. And he tells Zechariah that the son’s name will be John. And John shouldn’t drink wine or hard liquor. John will be filled with the Holy Ghost, even while still in the womb. John will help many Israelites to believe in God. He will also have the spirit and power of Elijah. The angel continues to explain even more great things about John’s destiny.

So this is some really exciting news and Zechariah is like, that’s cool but how do I know this is going to happen? Cause he and Elizabeth were old.

Then the angel notes his name: Gabriel and that he came from God’s presence to tell him this news but since Zechariah doesn’t believe it, his mouth will not speak until what has been prophesied happens.

So, the people outside of the temple are wondering what’s going on because Zechariah had been inside for longer than usual. When Zechariah gets outside, they realize that he can’t talk but he’s gesturing so they know something happened.

Fast forward. Elizabeth has the baby and Zechariah still cannot talk. But what happened was, 8 days after the baby was born, they were going to circumcise him. And during that time, Zechariah and Elizabeth’s loved ones wanted to know what they were going to name their child.

Elizabeth lets them know, we gon’ name him John.

They was like, uh-uh no! Ain’t nobody in your family is named John. That is not how this works. The people wanted to name the baby Zechariah after his dad.

So then they go to Zechariah to find out what’s up. And Zechariah gets a tablet out and writes down that his name shall be John.

And just like that, Zechariah was able to speak again. And Zechariah was giving God the praise like WHAT!!!!! You know he was pumped. He couldn’t speak for 9 months but he got his voice back.

And John went on to do some really great things. In fact, he’s got a nickname that you might’ve heard of…John the Baptist.

To learn more, check out Luke 1:16-18, 64-66