Earthquake Shakes A Prison Around Midnight

There were two men of God who were going about their business, preaching the Good News and they got arrested. Here’s what happened.

Paul and Silas, two men of God, went to Macedonia which was a Roman colony. They went there because they believed God had sent them to preach the Gospel there. So while there, they were on their way to prayer and a demon possessed woman who was a fortune teller, making money for her masters doing fortune telling, began following them for days.

And while following them, she would continuously shout that Paul and Silas were servants of God and came to tell people how to be saved. She did this for days until Paul had enough, turned to her and rebuked that demon.

He commanded in the name of Jesus Christ for that demon to come out of her. And it did, it left. And this made her masters mad cause now, Paul and Silas done messed with their plans of making money.

So these masters apprehended Paul and Silas and brought them to the marketplace, to the rulers there claiming that they were troublemakers teaching customs that are against Roman custom. 

So this caused a bunch of chaos and people coming together in anger. The officials ordered for Paul and Silas to be stripped, beat and then thrown in prison. And that’s what happened.

While in prison, the guard locks them up, deep in the prison and binds them by their feet.

Midnight rolls around, Paul and Silas up in jail singing! Yeah, they aight. They been beat on but they’re still giving God the glory. And the other people in the jail are listening. All of a sudden, an earthquake happens and the doors of the jail open. And all the chains locking/holding the prisoners fall off.

So the jailer wakes up and sees that the prison doors are all open. He’s like, oh my gosh! So he decides to pull out his sword and kill himself cause he know, it’s a wrap on his life. It’s over if his boss comes back and sees this!

But Paul is like, hey! We are all here. Don’t do that. You don’t need to do that.

And the jailer’s like, what do I got to do to be saved?

Paul hooked him up. Cause it’s actually not complicated to get saved. Believe in Jesus!

To learn more, check out Acts 16:31-34 and Romans 10:9-10