Woman Healed From 12 Year Illness

There was a woman who had an illness of bleeding for 12 years. Going back and forth to doctors, none could help her but she knew that Jesus could help her. 

One day, Jesus was in a crowd. He was on His way with Jairus to heal Jairus’ daughter who was sick unto death. While walking in the crowd, this woman with the issue of blood pressed her way through the sea of people. She said within herself that if she could just touch the hem of Christ’s clothing, she would be healed.

And so she pressed forward, determined and touched the hem of his clothes and immediately she stopped bleeding.


And Jesus took a moment realizing what happened. He asked His disciples “Who touched me?”

His disciples were like, uh….there’s a lot of people out here.

But Christ said that He felt virtue go out of Him. He healed someone that didn’t ask Him for a healing.

When Jesus turned around to find out who it was, the woman came forward and confessed in front of everyone that it was her. She declared that she was healed immediately.

And Jesus lets her know something absolutely remarkable: that her faith made her whole.

To learn more, check out Luke 8:48