Woman Exonerated From Death Penalty

One day, Jesus was teaching in the temple and while doing this some scribes and Pharisees came in holding a woman at arrest. They told Jesus that this woman was caught in adultery and literally was removed from the act and taken to where they are now.

So they wanted to trap Jesus cause they didn’t really like Him by finding out what He thought the punishment should be for her since it was in the law of Moses that she should be put to death by stoning.

Jesus heard their case but stooped down and began writing on the ground with his finger, almost like He wasn’t even hearing them. So they kept pressing Jesus like, hey what’s up and then He got up and said he that is without sin, throw the first stone.

Now you know that shook ‘em cause nobody is blameless. We all have messed up. 

Anyway, so Jesus goes back to writing on the ground and each one of the lady’s accusers leave. They think about it and one by one from the oldest to the youngest, they leave. 

Then Jesus stood up and asked her where her accusers went; asking if none of them condemned her. And she let Jesus know that, nah none of them.

Christ told her, neither do I. Go and sin no more.

To learn more, check out John 8:11 and John 5:30