Woman Discovers Living Water

Jesus was on His way to Galilee one day. While en route to that location, He stopped in Samaria and in particular He sat at a well.

While sitting there, a woman from Samaria comes up to the well to handle her business; to get water in her waterpot and keep it moving. When she gets to the well, Jesus talks to her and asks her for a drink.

She was like, what is going on up in here! Because she realized that Jesus was a Jew and the Samaritans and Jews didn’t kick it. So she was a little perplexed by this.

And so Jesus tells her that if she knew Who was asking her for a drink, she’d be asking Him for a drink. And He would give her living water.

Now this woman is like, what’s the deal? Because she mentions that He ain’t got nothing to draw water with. She asks if He’s greater than their ancestor Jacob who built that well.

And so Jesus starts talking to her and lets her know that this water right here, you’re going to have to keep coming back to get. She’d have to keep coming back to replenish. But the water that He gives will be like a spring in her, flowing up into eternal life.

She’s like, okay. I’ll take some of that.

Jesus tells her to go get her husband.

This woman’s like, nah. I don’t have no husband.

Jesus’ like, you’re right cause you’ve had 5 husbands. And the guy you’re living with now ain’t your husband.

This woman is like, hold up! Wait a minute. How does He know this? So she’s thinking that He’s a prophet (which is true) and so she goes on to ask Him why the Jews insist on only worshipping God in Jerusalem and her people talk about worshipping God on this mountain.

And Jesus is just as cool as ever and lets her know that the time is coming when it won’t be a discussion of where to specifically worship God, on this mountain or in Jerusalem. She doesn’t know who she’s worshipping but the Jews know: cause salvation comes through the Jews. 

Jesus also lets her know that the true worshippers will worship God in spirit and in truth.

So this lady’s like, well. Tell you what. I know that when the Messiah comes, He will tell us what’s up. He’ll tell us what we need to know.

And Jesus is like, I am He. {insert mic drop here}

Somewhere during the conversation, His disciples showed up and they were kind of scratching their heads wondering why Jesus is talking to a woman. Because back then, women weren’t really highly regarded but Jesus ain’t have no problem with women. He was talking to this woman, no problem and they had a long conversation.

After they get done talking, the lady leaves her waterpot and goes into the city letting people know what’s up; that’s she’s met a Man Who quite possibly could be the Messiah.

Then get this:

People in Samaria began to believe in Jesus due to this woman’s report. And when Jesus came to town and they saw Him face to face, even more believed claiming that He is the Savior of the world.

To learn more, check out John 4:39-42