There Is So Much More

Back in the day, Jesus used to tell parables to help listeners understand what He was saying. Parables are stories and when Christ told parables they did not include names of people. They were for descriptive and informational purposes.

One day, Christ told the following parable. He talked about a man who had it all; was living it up; had everything he wanted. And he had so much that he needed to build bigger to contain all that he had. While he was thinking of doing this big project, God called him a fool and let him know that that night he was going to die. God asked him, who will get your stuff; all these things and abundance that you’ve worked for when you’re gone?

So Christ let those listening know that what happened to that man, happens to those who build for themselves and neglect God.

Christ then breaks it down even more and mentions that worrying about stuff gets people nowhere. He talks about how life is more than what we eat and more than what we wear (aka what we look like). Life is more than the hustle; the drive – the get, get, getting and getting more.

Christ talks about the birds and how they get fed. They eat. They’re not worried. God got ‘em!

And then Christ tells his disciples to consider the flowers. They’re gorgeous and yet Solomon who was a king back in the day–royalty; his clothes weren’t even put together like the flowers. And God takes care of the flowers, making sure they look good! 

Christ shares a life lesson to not be consumed and worried about what to eat, what to drink, what to wear or be pulled into doubt. Jesus says that God knows what we need.

There’s great peace in that.

Jesus lets them know to seek the kingdom of God and all of these things will be added unto them.

To learn more, check out Luke 12:20-23