The Battle Is The Lord’s

There was a king named Jehoshaphat, back in the day, who loved God. Jehoshaphat did right by God and there were some armies who decided to unite and fight against him. These armies included the Moabites, Ammonites and some Meunites.

Anyway, it wasn’t looking good. It was a whole lot of them and their size, along with their strength frightened God’s people. So Jehoshaphat told everybody to go on a fast. Then he gathered everybody together and he prayed.

So Jehoshaphat prays this beautiful prayer in front of the people: men, women, children – everyone from Judah and Jerusalem. He stands there and as he prays, he lets God know that they don’t know what to do but they have gathered, and have come to seek God’s help.

After Jehoshaphat says this prayer, there is a moment of nothing. Everybody is just there. And then a man begins to speak and this man’s name was Jahaziel. The man opened up his mouth and the Spirit of God spoke through him and lets the people know that hey, everything’s going to be alright. Don’t be afraid. The battle is not theirs, it’s the Lord’s. When they go out tomorrow, God got ‘em.

So everybody is happy to hear the good news. The king and the people begin to praise and worship the Lord. Everybody’s feeling good about this.

Early the next morning, the army goes out and Jehoshaphat encourages them. He reminds them to believe in God and they gon’ be alright. He also consults with the people and appoints the singers to go out ahead of the army.

It’s interesting because usually people sing and shout praises after the battle; after the battle is won. But Jehoshaphat sends the praise team out first and in front of the army. And so, in the moment that they begin to sing, God had their enemies turn on each other and destroy themselves. I mean they literally fought against themselves and they all died.

Here’s the thing. They down there fighting and Jehoshaphat and them are singing while moving forward.

By the time they get to the battlefield, God already handled it! Jehoshaphat’s crew gets over there, takes a look and it’s dead bodies everywhere. None of their enemies survived!

WHAT!!! Yeah, that happened.

So then Jehoshaphat and his crew go down there to get the stuff. You know, get the armor, clothing, jewelry. 

Look! It took them 3 days to get all the stuff from their victory. So when God said He had ‘em, He had ‘em.

To learn about the celebration after that, check out 2 Chronicles 20:26-30