Talking Snake Convinces A Couple To Do Something Very Bad

Way back in the day, God created Adam and Eve. They were the first recorded humans on earth. They were naked all the time and had no shame about that. They kicked it with God in the evenings and they had no problems. For real though, life was really good for them.

They lived in the peace of God. There was no fear. Oh! And something else, they could talk to animals. (more about that later)

So what had happened was, they were living happily ever after. God gave them dominion in the earth and He gave them a rule. He told them to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which was in the middle of the garden, where they lived. Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden.

So everything was cool. They did what they wanted. They were happy. Life was good. And then a conversation happened that confused Eve.

There was a snake in the garden and this snake actually had legs. You’ll learn why it doesn’t have legs anymore later on in this story. But there was a snake in the garden. It’s not on record how long this snake was in the garden but clearly it was there long enough to watch, wait and attack when and who it did.

So one day, Eve was minding her business; going on her way, living her best life. And the snake began to talk to her. And he asks her a question. He asks Eve if God said that she couldn’t eat from every tree in the garden.

So Eve lets him know that they can eat from any tree in the garden. That’s fine but not from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is in the middle of the garden or else they would die.

And so the snake is like, you ain’t gonna die. God just knows that when you eat it, you’ll be like Him. He mentions you’ll be like gods, knowing good and evil, having clarity in vision with all of that.

And so Eve is like, hm! So she goes and gets Adam and is checking out this tree; looking at it. She’s feelin’ this tree now that wasn’t a spark to her prior to. And so she takes some fruit and eats it, and gives some to Adam. He eats it and just like that, it was a wrap.

Immediately they realized that they were naked and went to go sew some fig leaves together to cover themselves

Meanwhile, God shows up to the garden and He’s like, Adam. Where you at?

Adam and Eve over there hiding which is crazy because before eating from this tree, Adam and Eve, and God would kick it no problem but now they don’t want to be around God. And Adam shares the reason for this hiding.

So God’s like, where you at? Adam and Eve show up and Adam’s like, I heard you coming through. I heard your voice and I was afraid because I was naked. So I hid.

And God’s like, hold up. Who told you, you were naked? Did you eat from the tree I told you not to eat from?

{Now we interrupt this story with a brief and important message: anytime you read about a moment when God asks someone a question, because God is God, He already knows the answer. Therefore, most often when He asks a question to humans, it’s for us to check ourselves cause we trippin’…just sayin’ – we will now return back to the story}

So God’s like, did you eat from the tree that I told you not to eat from? And Adam is like, the woman you gave me, gave me fruit from the tree and I ate it. So, quickly he puts the blame on Eve.

God’s like, what’s up Eve? And Eve is like, well the snake tricked me. So then God looks at the snake and rebukes him. Unfortunately, the damage had been done that the snake had planned for in the garden. The snake wanted to create a separation by doubt and distrust between God and mankind. Within that moment, his plan succeeded but by the end of this story, you’ll find that the snake gets defeated.

So God rebukes the snake and tells him that a) he’s going to lose his legs. He’s also the most cursed animal of all field animals and b) there will be problems between the snake and the woman; issues. And her offspring and his offspring gon’ be enemies; gon’ have beef but they will bruise the snake’s head and the snake will bruise his heel.

God also speaks to Adam and Eve and corrects them, letting them know what to expect going forward….sorrow. pain. heartache. 

Now history names this story The Fall of Mankind. Jesus also talks about a fall that contributed to this fall and that was when Satan fell from heaven. And what happened there was, Satan tried to lift himself higher than God and God wasn’t having it!

It is recorded that Satan is a musician. In fact, he was designed/created to give God the praise. Satan had musical pipes built into him. And when he tried to raise himself higher than God (this was back when Satan was still in heaven), God kicked him out of heaven along with all that were rolling with him.

And Jesus says that He saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

So Satan falls out of heaven with his crew and he’s tight; he’s mad. And he sees the love of God for humans. He sees the care and efforts, and even time put into the life and home for humans. Satan hated what he saw and wanted to disrupt the plans.

So somehow he convinced the snake to allow him to use his body because in the Bible, a spirit (little ‘s’ spirit) can only speak through a body. Therefore, Satan got into the body of that snake and spoke to Eve.

Satan is an angelic being. He was in heaven. He knows the Word of God and because of that he knows how to twist it so that a person can be confused enough to doubt the Word of God.

Thus, that happened in the garden with Adam and Eve. They knew the Word of God. They knew what God said. They had no doubts about God. Everything was fine. But Satan said just enough to them to cause them to doubt what they knew about God. And that doubt triggered death.

And that is the other thing. Death was not an issue in the garden of Eden. It was life and livin’ it up kind of life! But Satan wanted to kill mankind and is still trying to kill mankind to this very day via the exact same tactic: doubt/disbelief in the Word of God.

To learn more, check out Genesis 3; John 10:10 and Luke 10:18