Talking Donkey Helps Save A Man’s Life

There was this king whose name was Balak and Balak had a problem with the Israelites. Essentially, he was afraid of them because the Israelites were winning. When it came time for them to fight, they were winning. God was with them and it was so many of them that Balak wanted them destroyed.

So Balak sent messengers to a man named Balaam who had a reputation for blessing people and cursing people. Balaam actually believed in God and confided in Him.

So what happened was Balak’s messengers came to Balaam with money as well to also try to persuade Balaam to curse the Israelites. And Balaam told them to chill overnight. Stay there that night and in the morning he’ll let them know what God says.

Well God has a conversation with Balaam and He’s like, who are these men with you?

Balaam replies who they are and God tells him, you will not go with these men. And God even tells Balaam why to not go with these men. The reason is because the Israelites are blessed and Balaam is not to curse them.

So Balaam was like, cool. He told the dudes that he’s not going with them. They pack up their stuff and go. Well, Balak ain’t trying to hear that and he sends them back with even more distinguished people to persuade Balaam to do as he requests. He’s desperate and talking about doing whatever it takes to get Balaam to curse the Israelites.

So Balaam talks to God again and God’s like, okay look go with them but only do what I tell you to do.

Now God is unhappy about this and so He sends an angel to stand in the road and block Balaam’s way. Balaam is riding on a donkey and the donkey sees the angel. The donkey is trying to get out of the way of the angel and goes into the field.

Meanwhile, Balaam is traveling with two servants with him and they’re seeing this. So Balaam beats on the donkey and gets it back on the road.

The angel moves and this time the donkey tries to go around the angel by squeezing by. They were in a narrow section of the road by then and when the donkey tries to squeeze by, Balaam’s foot gets caught on the wall. So Balaam beats the donkey again.

Then the angel moved again and blocked the way so much that the donkey couldn’t get by at all. The donkey just bowed down.

Balaam is tight. He’s got these two people looking at him and this donkey is embarrassing him. He’s beating on the donkey again.

And then the angel allowed the donkey to address Balaam. 

Yes, the donkey talks to Balaam and asks him why did you beat me like this? Three times you beat me. And Balaam is so mad he tells the donkey that if he had a sword, he’d kill her. The donkey has embarrassed him. 

And the donkey mentions have I not been good to you; been reliable all these years? Have I ever acted like this before? And immediately God opens Balaam’s eyes to see the angel who had his sword out by the way.

And the angel lets Balaam know that had it not been for his donkey, the angel would’ve killed him and spared the donkey.

To learn more, check out Numbers 22:34-35 and 1 Samuel 15:22-23