Sun Remains In Sky Longer Than Usual

There was a king whose name was Adoni-zedek and out of fear, he did something that wasn’t the smartest thing to do. So he had heard about Joshua who is written about in the Bible as a mighty warrior for God. Joshua loved God and he could fight. For real, this dude was anointed to fight and God was with him.

Well King Adoni-zedek had heard about the Israelites winning battles, for instance he heard about them winning down at Jericho when the walls came down and how they defeated Ai. And then he learned that the Israelites were allies with the Gibeonites. Gibeon was a big city back in the day. It was poppin’.

So this king gets this idea to join forces with the rest of these Amorite kings. So it became five kings combining their armies in total to go up against the Gibeonites.

Well, they go down there and attack the Gibeonites which wasn’t good. It’s noted that the Gibeonites had some mighty warriors but the attack was too heavy and the Gibeonites sent word to Joshua who was up at Gilgal to come help them.

So Joshua was like, cool we got your back. Let’s go! And they ride all night to Gibeon to come help save the day. Meanwhile, God lets them know to not be afraid. They gon’ win this fight.

When they get down there, they’re doing their thing. This big battle is going on. And thank God, God shows up and throws the people into a panic. The Israelites doing their thing, fighting and winning. And get this: God sends a hailstorm in the midst of this battle and the hailstorm tears up the enemy. In fact, the hail killed more of the enemy than the Israelite fighters did.

So this big fight is going on; people running everywhere and Joshua made a huge request. Joshua asks God to hold the sun in the sky so that they could finish the fight. 

He asked God to hold the sun where they were at Gibeon and hold the moon in the valley of Ajalon. And you know: what God answered that request. The sun stayed in the sky until the Israelites completely defeated the enemy.

Yeah, talk about asking God for something big!

To learn more, check out Joshua 10:12-15