Ruling in Favor of Prostitute Who Gets To Keep Her Baby

Two prostitutes came to Solomon who was king of Israel about a particular issue involving their children. They each had a baby and the babies were born three days apart. These women also lived in the same house.

One night, one of the mothers rolled over on her baby and killed the baby. She got up and swapped the child out with the other mother’s baby so that when the other mother woke up in the morning to nurse her child, she found the child dead.

As she examined the dead child more closely in the morning light, she realized that the dead baby was not her child. She wanted her kid back and the other lady wasn’t having it. So they took the argument to the king to get it sorted.

Solomon listens to the two women tell their stories and then calls for someone to bring him a sword. He orders for the child to be cut in half that way both women can have the child or at least a piece of the kid.

One of the women cries out immediately to not do that; just let the other woman have the child but please don’t hurt the baby.

The other woman was like, yo cut the kid. Let’s go.

Solomon orders to give the child to the woman who wanted the baby to live for she is the true mother (which was the case of course).

Here’s the thing, to judge in that way amazed everyone and the wisdom that Solomon had was unique unto him.

In fact, no one since Solomon has ever been known to have such wisdom as he had and there’s actually a reason for that.

When Solomon became king, he acknowledged that he was a novice. One night, Solomon had a dream and God spoke to him in that dream asking what Solomon wanted.

Solomon asked for wisdom and this pleased God, and when God blessed Solomon with wisdom He also noted that no one would ever have the degree of wisdom that Solomon would receive from God.

God also hooked Solomon up with what he didn’t ask for and told him that He was going to also bless him with riches and honor. And if he continued to hold it down for God, He would hook Solomon up with long life too.

To learn more, check out 1 Kings 3:10-14