Plant Grows Within Moments To Full Stature

Jonah was called, one could say commissioned, to give word to the city of Nineveh that the city would be judged by God because of its wickedness. Nineveh’s residents were living life that was displeasing to the Lord and essentially destruction was coming. So God wanted the people to know up front that He was upset. And really was sending Jonah to announce a grace period for the people to make the decision to get it together or not.

Jonah was like, nah I ain’t doing that. I am going to go the other way. Nineveh was east. Jonah decided to go west. He thought he could run from God.

So Jonah gets a ticket to get on this ship to go to Tarshish and on his way there, a great storm came that was scary. The people on the ship thought they were going to die and were trying to figure out what was the deal. What caused this storm? And so the people on the ship started praying to their gods and started casting lots to figure out who was the culprit because the storm came out of nowhere and they knew that one of them upset the Divine.

Jonah came up as the one who was the culprit and they were like, hey! Bruh, what you doing? Jonah was like, it’s me. Just throw me overboard and the storm will cease. The storm will stop. 

The people on the ship were like, alright look. They’re talking to Jonah’s God now. They’re like, God please don’t hold us accountable for this man. Please don’t hold us accountable if he dies. God this storm came from you and it’s on you with what You want to do.

So they throw Jonah over the side of the boat. The storm stops and God sends for a big fish to come swallow Jonah; a whale.

So anyway, Jonah is up in this fish for three days and three nights. They were not easy days. He wasn’t chilling in the fish. Jonah fell into depression and was very close to dying. But he started to pray and within him, he remembered the goodness of God. For God didn’t allow Jonah to drown to death after being tossed into the sea. Jonah could’ve died but he was sustained in a fish. And so he took a moment and thought about that and prayed to God being thankful for God’s mercies.

Then Jonah came around to also letting God know that he has decided to be obedient to God because he realizes that he wouldn’t be alive had it not been for God alone. God saved him. (Remember, God sent the fish).

After Jonah prays this prayer of repentance, the Lord tells the fish to remove Jonah from within. Jonah gets spit up on the beach somewhere.

So fast forward, Jonah goes to Nineveh to do what the Lord told him to do. He tells the people, hey ya’ll got 40 days then God’s going to destroy this place. By the way, Nineveh is a huge city. It’s reported that it takes three days to see the whole place.

Well, to Jonah’s surprise, the people in Nineveh believe him and change their ways. They repent, which means to turn or in this case turn from doing wrong. God saw that they stopped doing what displeased Him and He decided to have mercy on them. He would no longer destroy the city.

Jonah learns this and now he’s tight. He goes and runs off all upset because he was hoping for God to destroy the city. Jonah knew that God is merciful and didn’t want God to have mercy on Nineveh.

So Jonah runs off and builds a shelter on the east side of the city, sitting there watching to see if something would happen. It’s hot outside and God grows a plant up in Jonah’s midst to give him some shade. 

So Jonah’s chilling up under the shade. He goes to sleep and the next morning, God sends a worm to eat the plant. And the plant dies. Jonah’s upset again and he’s hot! And on top of that, God sends a very hot east wind to blow on Jonah.

Jonah’s fittin’ to pass out. He’s like, man, death is better than this.

But God talks to Jonah and asks him if it’s right for him to be mad that the plant is dead? And Jonah says yeah.

God lets him know that he is upset about a plant that he did nothing to create. He didn’t plant it. He just enjoyed it and is upset about a plant that doesn’t even have longevity. God reminds Jonah that Nineveh has over 120,000 people living there. 

That’s a lot of people. And these are people who have hopes, dreams, ambitions, goals, trying to do what they know how to do yet living in spiritual darkness. 120,000 people!

And God mentions many of the animals too. God raises the question: Shouldn’t He pity them?

And that’s actually the end of the story written in the book of Jonah. However, to learn more about the question God asks, check out any story in the Bible from the fall of mankind to the last page in the Bible. To check out something more specific, see 2 Peter 3:9