Man Stoned To Death For Preaching The Gospel

When the church began picking up momentum, as in more people were believing in Jesus and His resurrection, there was a need in the church to help out with hospitality concerns. For instance, being able to feed the hungry. And so what had happened was, there were 7 men chosen to lead this type of work in the church.

One of those men was named Stephen and Stephen is recorded as a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit. He performed miracles by the power of God and wonders. He’s also regarded as being full of faith and power.

So Stephen’s living his life. He’s about God’s business and some Jews began debating with him, of course about the Gospel. And in all of the debates, he stunned them. He hit the nail on the head everytime and the Jews did not like him. 

So they came up with a plan to lie on Stephen stating that they heard him blaspheming Moses and God. Stephen got arrested because these lies were circulating and it was a mess.

They brought Stephen to court and testified against him saying that Stephen stated that Jesus of Nazareth was going to destroy the temple and change the customs that they were used to, and passed down from Moses. And they’re talking lies about Stephen and everybody at the council then looks at him.

It’s recorded that Stephen’s face began to look like an angel.

Then the high priest is like, what’s up? And Stephen begins to preach the Gospel going all the way back to Abraham and moving forward in sharing with them how Moses got the commands and customs that have been passed down. And how their ancestors rejected Moses too.

Stephen brings up that they’ve been doing this through the ages: consistently knocking down prophets who speak the truth about God and Jesus being His Son. This ain’t nothing new. They been doing this. And then murdered Jesus Who the prophets predicted was coming to save them.

Stephen basically told them what’s up. He told them the truth and then his listeners got mad and were ready to stone him to death. They did exactly what he told them they do: get upset when hearing about God and then want to destroy the persons sharing the Word of God.

So Stephen’s accusers are ready to stone him to death and it’s recorded that while they did that, Stephen prayed for them. 

Something that’s also really momentous in this story is that when they got ready to stone Stephen, he looked up to heaven and saw the heavens open up. And it is recorded that Jesus stood up. And Stephen mentions this: that he saw Jesus standing up next to God; at God’s right hand.

And while he’s talking about what he sees, the people turn their ears from listening to him and drag him out of the city to stone him to death.

To learn more, check out Acts 7