Man Outruns Chariot

Okay so this is what went down in this Bible story. There was a man named Elijah who was a prophet and God was with this man. So what had happened was, there was a drought in the land for three years at that time and the king of Israel during that time was Ahab. Ahab really doesn’t have the brightest rep in the Bible. He and his wife, Jezebel, did a lot of what the Lord didn’t want them to do. In fact, it is recorded that he was the king of Israel that really angered the Lord more than any king of Israel before him. The people of Israel really started trippin’ under his reign and it wasn’t good. They turned away from believing in God and worshipped other gods.

When you know the Lord, you don’t want to do that. God is a jealous God and worshipping other gods doesn’t sit right with Him. It’s just not a good look in His eyes.

So within the third year of this drought, God tells Elijah to tell Ahab that He’s going to send the rain. Elijah’s like, cool. He’s on his way to tell Ahab the good news and is met by one of Ahab’s palace men named Obadiah who is like, oh no! I know I don’t see you. You are not supposed to be here. Because Ahab had put out, you can kind of say a warrant out for Elijah. Well, Elijah was a prophet of God. Jezebel hated the prophets of God and sought to kill every single one of them in the nation. And Obadiah had hid some of the prophets but they couldn’t find Elijah after all this time. So Obadiah’s like oh no, I know. Nah, I can’t.

Elijah’s like, calm down be cool. I’m going to go and talk to Ahab today.

So Elijah gets to Ahab and lets him know that he and his family have been trippin’. And to get all of Israel together along with all of the prophets of Baal and all of the prophets of Asherah who were backed by Jezebel. Altogether, that’s 850 prophets (450 for Baal + 400 for Asherah) and of course everybody in Israel and bring them to Mount Carmel.

It is there that Elijah lets them know that the real God will make it known today.

So they’re all out at Mount Carmel and Elijah tells them that whoever’s God brings down fire from heaven on the altar up there is the real God.

They were like, cool!

So Elijah lets them go ahead first. And the prophets are out there doing what they do, calling on Baal and ain’t nothing was happening. 

Hours go by! And they out there calling on Baal. Meanwhile, Elijah is looking at this and around noon, he says maybe he done gone to sleep. Maybe you need to yell a little louder. Elijah is talking and joking with them. And the thing is, the prophets amp it up and start cutting themselves and just going at it, trying to get Baal to bring down the fire on the altar to burn up the offering.

They kept at this all day. It’s now the evening. 

So Elijah steps forward and fixes the altar that they broke. He uses 12 stones in repairing the altar (1 for each tribe of Israel). Then he digs a trench around the altar. He prepares the sacrifice on the altar; the bull on the altar. Then he asks the people to bring water, gallons of it and pour it on the altar.

They come and dunk water on the altar. Then he tells them to do it again. The altar is sopping wet. He tells them to bring some more water, put it on the altar. They drench the altar with water and it’s pouring all down into the trench around the altar. It’s soaking wet. The whole altar is soaking wet!!

And then Elijah prays and he asks God to do this. He asks God for this so that the people would return; so that the people would know WHO’S THE MAN, you feel me.

And just like that, the fire came down out of heaven and burnt up the altar! What!!! It was soaking wet, remember? Burnt up the altar and dried up all the water in the trench! Yeah, that happened.

Everybody was like, the Lord is God! O-kay!!

Then Elijah had all of the prophets beheaded. After that, Elijah tells Ahab to get something to eat because he hears rain coming.

Now, it’s not a cloud in the sky. It ain’t rained in three years but he hears rain, as in a lot of rain coming.

Elijah then goes up to Mount Carmel and begins to pray. He takes his servant with him. Elijah then tells his servant to go look out at the sea and report back what he sees.

The servant’s like, I don’t see nothing. Elijah says to look again. The servant checks and still doesn’t see anything. Elijah tells him to check again. And this goes on for seven times until the servant reports back that he sees a cloud the size of a man’s hand.

Elijah tells the servant to go tell Ahab to get in his chariot and go home. Or else, he’ll be stuck in the rainstorm. The servant goes to do that. Meanwhile, the sky goes black and God gives Elijah amazing strength and he outruns the king’s chariot back to Jezreel.

To learn more, check out 1 Kings 18:36-38 and Exodus 34:14