Man Finds Money In A Fish

There was this guy named Peter and Peter was a follower of Jesus. Peter was the kind of guy who when he started following Christ, he wasn’t playing! He was all in and you could read much about him particularly within the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (aka the 4 Gospels….i.e. The Gospel of Christ according to Matthew).

Anyway, so Peter was with his crew one day (the disciples) with Jesus and they arrived in Capernaum. The tax collectors for the temple came up to Peter and were like hey does your teacher pay taxes?

Peter was like, yeah! And then went over to check in with Jesus about this. 

But before Peter could ask the question, Jesus asks Peter something. Jesus asks Peter if kings tax their own people or the foreigners they defeat.

Peter’s like, the foreigners.

Jesus says then the citizens are free. However, so that we don’t cause a fuss, go down to the lake and the first fish you catch will have money in it. Open its mouth, remove the money and use that to pay the taxes for you and I.

God knows how to supply all of our needs.

To learn more, check out Philippians 4:19