Man Escapes Before Being Thrown Off Cliff

Jesus came to Nazareth one day. Nazareth was the city of his upbringing and when he got there, he went to the synagogue. The day was a Saturday (the Sabbath) and while he was there he stood up to read from the text of Isaiah.

Isaiah was a prophet and there’s actually a book in the Bible where you can also read the very same document.

So Jesus stood up in the synagogue and began to read from the book of Isaiah, the Scripture that talks about Who God is and what He came to earth to do. Christ came to preach the gospel. Christ came to save.

When He finished reading the passage, He closed the book and everybody in the place was looking at Him. And Jesus lets them know that today is the day that that Scripture is fulfilled.

As Jesus preached to them, they were amazed…at first…and then things took a turn because well, He said things that they didn’t want to hear.

So they were like, oh no, uh-uh, that’s out.

Essentially, Jesus let them know that a prophet is not accepted in his hometown. And He gave examples of this with two well-known prophets that the listeners would have recognized.

Mind you, Jesus is also a prophet as well.

So the people got mad and were like, we gotta get you up out of here; out of the city. And the people decide that they’re going to throw Jesus off a cliff.

So Jesus is walking with them and decides, yeah not today. And thus in the midst of all of these people, He slips away and nobody notices that He’s bounced.

To learn more, check out Isaiah 61:1-2 and John 1:10-12