Loaf of Barley Bread Knocks Down Entire Campsite

Back in the day, the Israelites were dealing with the Midianites who attacked them and destroyed their crops. It got really bad and the Israelites didn’t have any food. They were dealing with this for 7 years. And the Israelites cried out to the Lord for help.

Meanwhile, there’s this guy named Gideon (one of the Israelites) who was hiding food at the bottom of a winepress so that the Midianites wouldn’t get it. An angel comes up to Gideon, calls him mighty and lets Gideon know that God is with him.

Gideon is like, are you serious? Where, what’s up? Where are these miracles that I’ve heard about from our ancestors about God who delivered His people out of Egypt?

So Gideon is like, what’s the deal?

The angel tells Gideon that God is sending him to rescue the Israelites from the Midianites. The angel also tells Gideon to go with the strength that he has.

Gideon tells the angel that his people are the weakest. Gideon is talking about his clan; his tribe within the nation of Israel. And then Gideon expresses that he’s actually the least in his whole family.

So clearly, Gideon’s the unlikely hero here.

That’s not an issue for God.

So, God lets him know that He would be with Gideon. Things are going to be alright. It’s cool.

Fast forward, Gideon has gotten an army together. He’s fittin’ to fight the Midianites. God tells Gideon “You got too many people with you. If all these people go into battle, they’re going to gas up themselves like they won by themselves.”

So God speaks to Gideon about how to decrease the size of his army. The first round of cuts dismissed 22,000 soldiers. Those soldiers went home leaving 10,000 soldiers still ready to make it happen.

God’s like yeah that’s still too many people.

Then there was another round of cuts and all that was left in the army to fight was 300 soldiers. That’s it. 300 men. That’s it!


Now, about this bread.

So, the Midianites, they had a bunch of ally armies with them at their campsite. Armies that also included the Amalekites and other armies from the east. It’s reported that it was so many of them that the camp looked like it was swarming with locusts. It was a whole lot of soldiers up in that camp.

Anyway, Gideon is resting up. He’s asleep one night and God wakes him up. God says hey, go down there to the Midianite camp and get the victory.

Basically, hey…showtime!

But if you are afraid to fight right now, take your servant Purah with you and go listen in on what they (the enemy) is talking about.

So Gidedon wasn’t ready to fight yet. I guess he still needed to get himself together. But he takes Purah with him to the enemy’s camp and listens in.

Check this out.

In the camp, there’s a dude telling his friend about a dream that he had. In this dream, a loaf of barley bread comes rolling in the camp and knocks the whole campsite down. All the tents, shut it down.

Thus, this little piece of bread did all that damage.

The friend says hey, that can only mean one thing. God has given Gideon the victory over all of us; all armies united with Midian.

Now remember, Gideon is eavesdropping at the moment. When he hears this, you know what’s up. He’s getting the dirt off his shoulder and ready to rock and roll.

Gideon gets his soldiers together. They go to battle and the way they win is ridiculous! God had Gideon’s back, for real!

To learn more, check out Judges 7:15-25