Jesus Brings Girl Back To Life After She Was Pronounced Dead

One day, Jesus was in a crowd and one of the people in the crowd was named Jairus. Jairus came to Jesus because his daughter, who was about 12 years old was sick unto death and he knew that Jesus could heal her. And so he went to Jesus and told Him what was going on, and they were on their way to Jairus’ house.

While on their way to Jairus’ house, another miracle happened and you can check that story out in another article. But what had happened was Jairus sees this other miracle happen and people who know him come and report that his daughter has died.

Jesus overhears their conversation and tells Jairus to not be afraid, just believe. And his daughter will be okay.

When Jesus gets to Jairus’ house, the only people he allows in the home are Peter, James and John (three of Christ’s disciples) along with the daughter’s parents. That’s it. He put everybody else out.

Jesus tells the people at the house to not cry. The girl is asleep. She’s not dead. They look at Jesus like He’s playing and laugh at Him because they knew that the girl was dead. But Jesus puts the doubters out, takes the daughter by the hand and speaks to her. Jesus tells her to get up and the girl got up. She was okay. She was alive.

This is an example of God being on time for everything even when it looks like, feels like or even sounds like He’s late. Time does not confine God. He is eternal and was here before time started ticking. And in Him is life.

To learn more, check out Genesis 1:1-5 and Genesis 1:14