Humans Seen Walking On Water

Jesus was up in the hills praying one night and had planned to come back and kick it with His disciples who were in a boat crossing the lake.

3 in the morning, Jesus walks across the lake to go kick it with His disciples. While doing so, a heavy wind was disturbing the peace of the disciples as they were in the boat struggling against the waves. It was pretty bad.

So as Jesus is walking across the lake, the disciples see Him but they don’t recognize Him. In fact, they thought He was a ghost and were afraid.

Jesus was like, be cool. It’s alright. I’m here. Don’t be afraid.

Peter, who was one of the disciples, was like if it’s really you, let me come out there and walk with you on the water.

Jesus was like, come on.

So Peter gets out of the boat and begins walking on the water. After a little bit though, Peter starts to sink and here’s why.

When Peter started looking at the waves, turning his attention from Jesus Who told him that he could do it. When Peter looked at the size of the waves, fear struck him. He then began to sink but immediately Jesus reached out His hand and pulled him up.

And Jesus said two things to Peter in particular. He let Peter know that he didn’t have much faith and then He asked Peter why did he doubt Him?

To learn more, check out Matthew 14:31-32