Ground Swallows Moses’ Offenders

There were three men who rose up against Moses and his brother Aaron. These men were Korah, Dathan and Abiram. Korah did most of the talking but his comrades, Dathan and Abiram learned the hard way to not speak against whom God has chosen.

The following is a Bible story that not only illustrates the power of God but also illustrates that God knows exactly who really is for Him and who’s not.

Korah along with his crew and 250 princes within the people of Israel came out of pocket against Moses. They claimed that everybody in the congregation (the people) of Israel were holy and that God was with each and every one of them, and that Moses raised himself up over them.

Moses is like, okay look tomorrow the Lord will show who really is His, who’s holy; who’s holding it down for Him. God is going to squash this and it’s going to be settled.

And so Moses instructs Korah to get his incense burners, him along with his crew to go burn the incense before the Lord. Moses also calls for Dathan and Abiram who deliberately were like, we ain’t doing nothing you say because you brought us out of Egypt to this wilderness. Where is the milk and honey?

They were upset. They were like, you took us out of where we were that had resources (the milk and honey) and now we out here struggling! We ain’t going up there with you.

They hurt Moses. And Moses went to God in prayer.

Later, Korah had brought the people of Israel together to come against Moses who was with Aaron in the tabernacle. Korah had gathered them to watch and of course Korah had his boys Dathan and Abiram rolling with him.

God looked at the situation and told Moses and Aaron to back up from these people; separate themselves from these people because He was going to destroy everybody. They had upset God.

But Moses and Aaron prayed to God asking Him not to do that; not to penalize the entire congregation for the sins of one man.

God was cool with that and told Moses to tell the congregation to back up and away from the tents of Korah, Dathan and Abiram.

Now you know, when God talks about giving some room to do something, He fittin’ to do something big!

So Moses was like, ya’ll back up! Get away from these wicked men and don’t touch nothing of their stuff or else you be consumed in their sins.

So the people backed up. Korah, Dathan, Abiram and their wives and children stand at the door of their tents while Moses speaks. And Moses is saying that they’ll know that God sent Moses to do these works. They’re going to know that God sent Moses to lead them.

Then Moses says that if these men die a regular death, then God didn’t send him but if the ground opens up and swallows them up along with all that is with them, then for real though, ya’ll gon’ know that they provoked the Lord.

And just when he finished his sentence the ground opened up and swallowed those men, their families, their houses and all the people that were with them. All of ‘em went down into the pit and the ground closed back up.

To learn more, check out 1 Chronicles 16:22 and Numbers 16:3