God Sees And Cares About Everybody

There was a man in the Bible whose name was Mephibosheth and for many years, life wasn’t the kindest to him. Mephibosheth was the son of Jonathan and Jonathan was best friends with David. David is very famous in the Bible. You might’ve heard of him taking a slingshot and defeating Goliath, who was a giant terrorizing the people of Israel.

But Mephibosheth was Jonathan’s son and Saul’s grandson. Saul was king of Israel during the Goliath ordeal. Therefore, Mephibosheth was actually born into royalty. However, he did not grow up living royally, in a palace so to speak.

What happened was, when Mephibosheth was a baby his father and grandfather, Saul were killed in battle. And when news got back to his location, his nurse picked him up running. Unfortunately she fell and dropped him and he became disabled in his feet ever since.

This unfortunate event affected him not only physically but also mentally. You’ll read how he refers to himself later on in this story.

Well, during David’s reign as king, he wanted to show kindness to anyone left alive in Saul’s family. He had promised Jonathan that he would do that. 

So David finds one of Saul’s servants named Ziba and asks if there’s any of Saul’s family still alive and tells him why. Ziba lets him know that Mephibosheth is still alive and his condition. So David’s like, go get ‘em. Bring him here.

When Mephibosheth arrives, David is excited to see him. Mephibosheth doesn’t quite know all of what is going on. It’s almost like those surprise shows or episodes when the camera is hidden or in plain sight but the recipient doesn’t know that something great is about to happen.

Anyway, Mephibosheth shows up, bows. He’s actually afraid and addresses the king.

And David tells him to not be afraid. He’s here to help and David tells Mephibosheth the good news that he’s going to give Mephibosheth his grandfather’s land. He also learns that Ziba along with his servants will farm the land to produce food for him, and Mephibosheth can stay at the palace with David.

Within this conversation though, Mephibosheth is in awe that David would show kindness to, in his words “a dead dog” referring to himself which is so sad. What a life he had, to look at himself/refer to himself in that way.

But David didn’t treat Mephibosheth as a dog or less than. David treated Mephibosheth with kindness. He treated Mephibosheth as one of his own sons. And it is on record that David and Mephibosheth ate regularly together in the palace.

To learn more, check out 2 Samuel 9:3