God Can Work With What You Have To Work With

There was a woman whose husband had died and when he died he had owed creditors. The people that he owed were going to take the woman’s two sons as slaves to pay off the husband’s debts. Being Mama, she didn’t want that to happen and went to the prophet Elisha for help.

Elisha asks her what does she have in her house and she responds that all she has is a pot of oil. That’s it. And so Elisha tells her to go to the neighbors; go to who she knows and get containers as many as she can, and bring them back to the house. He instructs her that when she gets in the house, to close the door behind her and then pour the oil into the containers to fill them up.

So she was obedient and her sons were helping her to bring these empty containers into the house. She poured the oil into all of the containers that were brought into the house and when she asked for another container, her son replied that there are no more. And immediately the oil stopped. There was no more oil to pour.

The woman goes to Elisha and lets him know what’s up. Elisha tells the woman to go sell the oil. This way she could pay off her debts and the rest of the money from the oil sold, she and her family could live on.

To learn more, check out 2 Kings 4:6 and Philippians 4:19