Ax Head Seen Floating In Water

Back in the day, there was a prophet named Elisha. He was actually Elijah’s apprentice. And one day, some prophets came to him and let him know that they’d like to build a place to meet that would be more fitting because where they were wasn’t big enough for them to meet.

Elisha’s like, cool! So they went down to the Jordan River to build a spot down there, cutting trees and what not.

Well what had happened was, one of the prophets was cutting a tree and his ax head fell in the water. This prophet became upset because he mentioned that he borrowed the tool. So Elisha hearing about this asks the guy where did it drop into the water? The guy points it out and then Elisha cuts a stick and tosses it into the water.

Guess what?

That ax head floated back up. And the man got his ax head back.

To learn more, check out 2 Kings 6:6-7