90 Year Old Gives Birth

There was a woman whose name was Sarah and Sarah was old (particularly during the time that this story takes place). Sarah was also married to a man named Abraham.

One day, three men came to visit Abraham and Abraham recognized that they were divine. God came to visit Abraham and during this visit, God tells Abraham that a year from then, he would have a son with Sarah.

Meanwhile, Sarah was listening in on this conversation and started laughing cause she’s old. Having a kid, bearing a kid at her age was impossible and she thought to herself, how could she have a baby?

God heard her thoughts and asked Abraham why is she laughing? He also raised a fantastic question which was Is there anything too hard for God? 

God continued and mentioned again that about a year from then, she’s going to have the baby.

Fast forward to a year from then and Sarah has the baby. The baby’s name was Isaac and Sarah was pumped! And for good reason. 

Sarah wanted a kid for years and was unable to conceive. God made her dream come true and she lived long enough to see her baby grow up to become a man before she died at 127 years old.

By the way, Abraham was on the older side of life too. He was 100 when Isaac was born.

To learn more, check out Genesis 21:6-7